How To Completely Backup Your Blogger Blog.

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Learning how to completely backup your blogger blog is very essential for every blogger. If you are running a blog on blogger, you must know how to backup your entire blogger blog. This is really very important. Different CMS supports different methods to backup a blog. In the world of blogging, Blogger is one of the best blogging platform used by many professionals.
Many bloggers think that they don’t have to backup their blog while using blogger. Because Google is the king of the internet and there is no possibility to hack google’s blogger. But they are wrong. let me remind you, my friend, accidents could happen anytime and anywhere. So this is the best option to be prepared for that situation.
Even Google will not be able to protect your blog from being hacked if your username and password are leaked. There is another important point that when you are using blogger, you must remember that the original owner of your blog is Google. In the terms of Google, we find that Google can delete your blog anytime for any policy violation.
So if that kind of policy violation occurred by you accidentally, your Blogger blog account could be deleted. So according to me, this is the best option to be prepared for any accidents. In that case taking backup of your blog at least once a week is the best choice for you.
After creating a regular backup, if anything unexpected occurs with you, you will be able to get back your hard work. My advice is, whatever blogging platform you use, whatever hosting provider you have whether third-party or self-hosted , you should keep backup regularly.

Many new bloggers still don’t know how to backup blogger blog. In this article, I will show how you can completely backup your blogger blog step by step.

The procedure of blogger blog backup split into some different parts.

  • How to backup blogger templates?
  • How to backup blogger widgets?
  • How to backup blogger blog images?
  • How to backup a single blogger blog?
  • How to backup entire blogger account including all blog?

These five individual backups will generate a complete blogger blog backup. So without wasting time lets see the whole procedure step by step.

How To Backup Blogger Blog (Template, Widget & Image)?

If we think about backup of our blogger blog entirely, then this basically include Blog posts backup, Blog images backup, Blog template backup. So follow my step by step instruction to get a complete backup of your blogger blog.

How To Backup Blogger Template?

Template backup is very important when you are using any custom template in your blogger blog. If you are using any default blogger template, then you may use this same template later, but if you customize the default blogger template then you must take a backup. Otherwise, you will lose all of your customization while reusing the template.
The procedure is very easy and you can backup your existing blogger template within few clicks. So don’t worry. To take a blogger template backup follow this step by step instruction:

1. Login to your blogger account and click on the drop-down arrow as shown below. If you have multiple blogs in your single blogger account then locate the blog you want to backup and then click on the “ Template” link.

2. At the top right corner of the template page, you will see a button named “ Backup/Restore .” Click on that. A new popup window will appear in front of you. Here you will see a button called “ Download full template .” Click on this button and your template should start downloading on your device.

How To Completely Backup Your Blogger Blog. 1

So, you have successfully downloaded your blogger template. Pretty easy huh! This is the basic procedure to backup blogger template.

How To Backup Blogger Widgets?

This is another important part of a complete blogger blog backup. You know that there are many custom widgets are available for blogger. We usually use many types of custom widgets in our blogger blog to expand the blog’s functionality. Like I am using a custom blogger subscription box widget on my blog.
The above template backup will not include any custom widget implemented through “ HTML/JavaScript ” gadget in our blogger blog. This kind of custom widget codes must be backed up separately. But default blogger widgets will work correctly after restoring the blogger template. So let’s see how to backup blogger widgets:

1. Login to your blogger account and go to the “ Layout ” section of the blog you want to backup.
2. Find your custom widgets (Applied through “ HTML/JavaScript ” gadget of blogger). Click on the edit link. A new popup will open in front of you.
3. Copy this custom widget code and paste it into a text file. Rename the text file to remember what kind of widget is this. Save this to your device.
Do this for every custom widget you have and you’re good to go.
In this way, you will not lose any custom widget while restoring your blogger template. So you have successfully backed up blogger templates and widgets. Now let’s go for the rest.

How To Backup Blogger Images?

Many bloggers don’t know that blogger does not host blogger blog images they are using for their posts. So if we need a complete blogger blog backup then we will have to backup the images separately through the way mentioned below:
1. If you need to see the images you used in your blogger blog, then go to Picasa Web Album .
2. Now go to the Google Takeout .
3. From there, click on Google Photos > Select Photo Album > Photo Albums.

How To Completely Backup Your Blogger Blog. 2

4. A new popup window will open in front of you. From there select your blog and click done.
5. Turn off the other products from archiving. Click on next

How To Completely Backup Your Blogger Blog. 3

6. After clicking next, you will be shown that how much product you have selected for archiving. Your archive file type and a delivery option. Just leave this as default. Click on the “ Create Archive ” button as shown below.
7. Archive creation should be started. Wait until the archive creation is finished. Once done, you will see the download button. Click on the download button and you will get a zip copy of your file.

How To Backup Entire Blogger Blog (Pages, Posts & Comments)?

A complete blogger blog backup is included all of your blog posts, pages, comments, templates, widgets, and images. We have already taken templates, widgets and image backup. Now it is time to backup our blog’s posts, pages, and comments.
To do that first of all login to your blogger account and go to the dashboard of the blog you want to backup.
From the left tabs, select “Settings ” and go to the “ other ”. At the top, you will be able to see blog “Import Content & Backup Content” as above. Click on the “ Backup Content ” link. Now click on the “Save To Your Computer” button. You are done.

How To Backup The Complete Blogger Account?

If you are running multiple blogs in your one blogger account, then this is for you. We know that we can make up to 100 blogs by using one blogger account so if you wish to keep all of your blogs back-ups at a time then you can do this by going to Google Takeout > Creating Archive and downloading data on your PC (As shown above for image download).

Hope this post was helpful and you can now successfully backup your entire blogger blog.
You can give your feedback in the comment section too.
Thank you.

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