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How To Play Game on WhatsApp (Jumble) -Wiki Game

Today i am glad to tell you that you can now turn whatsapp to a game hub where you burst games for free. Playing games on WhatsApp will enable you stay busy on your WhatsApp more often if you a lover of online games. To play game on whatsapp, we are going to make use of a BOT. Therefore, using the bot, you and friends can play Jumble game on whatsapp. To access the bot, you have to save any one of the list of specific phone numbers given below. Add number to a new or existing WhatsApp group.

Playing WhatsApp Duta games is not meant for one person or else you won’t enjoy it. Members can also participate in playing the Game. This game is called Jumble whereby The Bot will give You six letters or alphabet and tell you to coined any word out of it, then you get your point according to the words.

How to Activate Whatsapp WikiBot
To activate this WikiBot on your whatsapp, follow below gradual steps below.
Step 1 : First, add Whatsapp bot called wikibot to your contact list and name it WikiBot Game (Optional)
Step 2 : Then go ahead and create a new whatsapp group and just add any of below numbers i listed below which you have on your contact list.
+91 90430 10951
+91 90420 09268
+91 90420 01945
+91 90430 03788
+91 90430 03569
Step 3 : Open the newly created group and simply type “Jumble ” as message then you’ll get your game. You will be given 6 Letters to coin any of words out of.
How To Play Jumble Game?
Open the newly created group and simply message “
Jumble ” and you’ll get your game. You will be given 6 Letters to make any amount of words out of.
Now start playing Jumble game with friends in the group where WikiBot Game is available.

Once time is up, WikiBot Game reveals the winner and some more other words that can be coined from the given letters or alphabets.

Enjoy your game and stay updated for more trick on whatsapp.
Note : Jumble is a Game Under Duta Service which is Wikipedia’s service.
There are many other game you can play on whatsapp via Duta. Just type the underlined word in the group chat you created for Jumble.

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