What every blogger needs to improve his SEO ranking.

This information is for all  bloggers.

Most times we feel that by sharing your blog links on facebook groups for other bloggers to read and In return read theirs can drive good traffic to our blogs.
The bitter truth is, yes it can increase your Alexa ranking within 8 months – 2 years but won’t do much in your SEO. Super strong SEO requires special softwares or web applications that uses sophisticated calculations and technology to be able to clean up your pages and make it acceptable by search engine’s crawlers or spiders. Now, let’s analyze.
Google uses back links to rank your blogs, the more back links you have the better chances. These back links do not necessarily mean other blogs or websites. In the old days of the internet other blogs or website can contribute about 70% to your rank on Google but now Google is becoming strict so you would need special softwares to please Google, and that’s content sharing apps.
There are 3 apps I recommend for everyone and they have proven to work great.
This is where you can list your website their for people to click on your site and then go to your blog or site to read all your content. Note, you can only list your blog and can’t post their regularly. This will increase your blog’s SEO and ranking by 36.5%. Time to see great result is 8 months – 15 months
This is where you can share your blog posts to get back links. One good thing about using this web app is that If you truly post good, authentic and true content or articles their system will tell their audience with a pink thunder strike that you trusted. This will lead to trust and more people coming to your blog. However, if you violate their rules your IP gets blocked then you have to submit an appeal. Evrytin will increase your rank by 34%. Time to see good result is 5 – 13 months of constant posting.
This site is exactly what it says ‘place-oo’ you can submit your content to their directory. Plazoo is not as interactive as Slashdot and Evrytin.com because no images and thunder badges to indicate that the content is trusted me or authentic. This will increase your SEO and ranking by 37.2%. Time to see awesome results is 9 – 19 months
Case study of www.maximumhealth.pw proves that combining Evrytin and Slashdot can do great wonders. When we use this platforms every day or month for at least 6 months we should be able to see good result than just exchanging blog URL or links for visiting.
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